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Parking Decks

The existing parking decks adjacent to the domestic terminal are aging and lack adequate spaces for the ever-increasing demand for parking. Replacing the North and South domestic parking decks, and constructing a new West domestic parking deck and Park-Ride lot will position the airport to accommodate existing traffic and fulfill the anticipated long-range needs.


A new ATL West parking deck will be constructed first. This deck, adjacent to the SkyTrain Gateway station next to the Georgia International Convention Center, is connected to the Airport via a 2-minute ride on the SkyTrain. The new Park-Ride lot on Sullivan Road will provide 1,000 additional parking spaces for customers. The domestic terminal North and South decks, rising 4-8 levels each, will be constructed following the completion of the new ATL West Deck and the Sullivan Road lot.

Project Timeline

A new ATL West parking deck will be constructed first, followed by a new Park-Ride lot on Sullivan Road. These completed facilities will provide adequate parking for the final phase steps of replacing the North and South Decks.

  • ATL West parking deck: 2017-2019
  • Sullivan Road Park-Ride Lot: 2017-2018
  • Domestic garage enabling work: 2016-2021
  • South Deck replacement: 2021-2024
  • North Deck replacement: 2024-2027
  • Plane Train people-mover turn-back extension (Phase 1): 2017-2019


Increasing demand, combined with deteriorating conditions of the North and South parking decks, requires the replacement of these aging facilities. These decks are currently filled to capacity at times during more than six months of each year. The construction of new North and South decks, along with the additional ATL West deck and Sullivan Road Park-Ride lot, will allow ATL to accommodate more passenger volume and provide significantly improved access to the airport.

Impacts During Construction

To minimize disruption and loss of parking spaces and revenue, ATL will phase in construction of the decks. Once the new ATL West deck and Sullivan Road Park-Ride Lots are completed, construction activity will shift to the decks adjacent to the domestic terminal. Traffic flow will be altered during the various stages, with regular advisories providing updates on the progress.

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