Central Passenger Terminal Complex

The Central Passenger Terminal Complex (CPTC) consists of two independent facilities for domestic and international passengers, and seven gate concourses. Revamping the domestic complex will enhance the customer experience and boost the facilities’ aesthetic appeal.

Parking Decks

The existing parking decks adjacent to the domestic terminal are aging and lack adequate spaces for the ever-increasing demand for parking. Replacing the North and South domestic parking decks, and constructing a new West domestic parking deck and Park-Ride lot will position the airport to accommodate existing traffic and fulfill the anticipated long-range needs.

Hotel & Travel Plaza

Demands for accommodations and updated services in close proximity to the airport have grown in recent years. Increased convention and business activity is driving the development, which will include a 4-star hotel, a mixed-use development with office space, and a travel plaza.


With anticipated growth in the coming decades, upgrades and additional capacity are necessary to accommodate increased air traffic and ground operations.

Air Cargo

Air cargo is a fertile source of employment and economic opportunity for metro Atlanta. To support this burgeoning business, ATL continues to expand its cargo facilities and operations.

Support Facilities

Support facilities are critical to ATL’s daily operation, but often go unnoticed by passengers. Upgrades include revitalizing the fire station and maintenance complex, relocating and updating the staging areas for commercial vehicles and taxis, and consolidating and relocating maintenance facilities in anticipation of the new 6th runway and Concourse G.