South Canopy Construction Efficiencies

South Roadway traffic to be impacted; alternate options suggested

Three steel columns supporting the South roadway canopy were successfully placed overnight on Oct. 16, and lessons learned from the North canopy installation have already been implemented one night into South canopy construction. Monday night into Tuesday morning, the placement of the columns on the South roadway took far less time than similar placement along the North roadway one year ago. Efficiencies learned from the nearly complete North canopy construction effort will be implemented in the entire South construction process.

Traffic on the South roadway will be impacted: beginning Tuesday night, Oct. 16, the entire South upper roadway will be closed to vehicles to facilitate construction. Similar overnight road closures will take place during the entire construction process, and ATL leaders urge passengers to utilize the mitigation efforts provided below:

  • Passengers are recommended to seek alternate locations for drop-offs and pickups.
  • The South lower roadway remains open.
  • North upper and lower roadways are open and provide relief for passengers looking for alternates to South.
  • ATL’s hourly parking lots are close to the terminals and allow for quick, efficient pickups for arriving passengers.
  • Passengers who travel domestically and do not check baggage can take the Plane Train to the International Terminal for pickup there.
  • During evening construction periods, lanes in the South lower roadway will allow “in-lane” pickups and drop-offs; passengers can enter or exit vehicles from all lanes and are not allowed to drive to the curb.
  • Atlanta traffic control officers will be on hand to ensure safe, efficient travel through construction areas.
  • Utilize public transit (MARTA, rideshare, etc.) to ease traffic impacts.
  • ATL will provide updates across all its social media channels.