Rideshare Pick-Up Locations are Changing


Meet your UBER/LYFT in the Rideshare Pick-up Zone

Proceed through baggage claim toward the Georgia Lottery booth for the escalators to the Rideshare Pick-up Zone. Request your ride when you arrive in the Rideshare Pick-up Zone.

Effective August 16, rideshare drivers will pick up passengers at the North and South economy lots, which are a short walk from baggage claim. Passengers will proceed through baggage claim toward the Georgia Lottery booth for access to the lower-level escalators. Once downstairs, follow the orange signs to the Economy lot and request a ride only after arrival at the pick-up location.

Drop-off locations at the North and South roadways will not change, and there are no changes to rideshare pick-up locations at the International Terminal.

This temporary relocation is necessary for ATLNext’s continued progress. Two massive, illuminating canopies will soon cover the entrances of the Domestic Terminal, causing heavy construction and roadway closures until completed.

Directional videos are available for a preview of the new locations.

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