2020 ATLNext Industry Day – Project Updates

Under the ATLNext 20-year blueprint for growth, the Airport is poised to continue the modernization of its Domestic Terminal, expand its cargo operations and concourses, replace two of its parking facilities, and pave the way for a hotel and mixed-use development project. To get a detailed list of current and upcoming projects see below.

Active Procurements
South Deicing Complex Ramp
Sheraton Complex Demolition RFQ
West Economy Parking Lot Water Relocation
Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations O&M
Upcoming Procurements in the Next 90 Days
AATC  -Fire Life Safety (Notifier)
AATC – CPTC Miscellaneous Renewal and Replacement
AATC – Fire Life Safety (Concourse T)
A&E On-call Team (Architectural)
West Economy Parking Sanitary Sewer
South Cargo Building A, B, and D Improvements
Park-Ride Lot C Rehabilitation Phase 2