ATLNext moves ahead on canopies, parking, terminal

Enhancements to the world’s busiest and most efficient airport are happening 24/7 as Hartsfield-Jackson’s multibillion-dollar capital improvement program continues. Read below for activity updates on several ATLNext projects.

Canopy – North

N5 crosswalk is closed due to steel work and canopy welding on the opposite
(east) end. Travelers and staff must walk through the N3 crosswalk to access the Terminal from the North parking deck.

A long-span lift of T38 (steel truss 18 of 19) will take place Thursday, May 3. Welding remains ongoing. The final truss on the North side should be installed by mid-May.

Installation of the canopy covering is expected to begin in late May. It will be limited in scope initially to the first bay, the area between the first two sections of steel.

Demolition and reconstruction of the N1 vestibule will take place from June 7 to Nov. 14. The N1 vestibule and a portion of the curb sidewalk from N1 to N2 will be closed.

Canopy – South

A portion of the curb sidewalk from S2 to S3 will be closed from May 6 to June 30 to allow for construction of a temporary vestibule. Because ATL must have five exits open at all times, this new exit will allow project teams to close a second vestibule and work on two simultaneously.

Demolition and reconstruction of the S3 vestibule will take place from May 6 to Oct. 31. The S3 vestibule and a portion of the curb sidewalk from S3 to S4 will be closed.

To date, 10 concrete piers have been constructed on the South side and the first long-span steel lift is planned for October.

Domestic Terminal

To create a more modern look, the Domestic Terminal façade and vestibules are being remodeled through November. Upgrades will include a combination of light and dark gray aluminum panels, white-backed glass panels as well as clear glass installation near the top of the building. All existing glass will be replaced with insulated glass for increased energy efficiency.

Concourses T-South, A and C-South have been modernized with new holdrooms, LED lighting and elevated ceilings. Concourse C-North is expected to be completed this month. Concourse B is expected to be completed in September.

ATL West parking deck

Construction teams are performing earthwork and deep foundation activities. Completion of the deck is scheduled for April 2020.

T-North extension

ATL Park-Ride lot is expected to close in July to make way for the new Delta ground service equipment facility, which will relocate from the T-North extension zone.

Cargo Building C

Construction is complete. A final decision on a leasing partner is expected by late summer.

Cargo Buildings 2A and 2B

Site preparation begins for two new cargo buildings and a cargo ramp. Scope includes relocation of Sullivan and internal Airport roads, demolition of existing facilities, and construction of a new police K-9 facility and DOA maintenance shop for HVAC, electrical, painting and carpentry operations. Several FAA equipment facilities will also relocate, including the West remote transmitter, weather station and low-level wind shear alert system. Work is underway to install new fuel systems, demolish Gate Gourmet, and install drainage and other utilities in support of road construction. Scheduling should begin by summer.